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Official Essential Employee Designation Form
Student Mass Action Additional Pay (Excel)
Student Mass Action Additional Pay (PDF)
P&A Request to Use Deferred Leave (PDF)
P&A Request to Defer Leave (PDF)


New Hire Forms
Appointment Letter: Non-regular Term Faculty 100% 
Appointment Letter: Non-regular Term Faculty 99-35% 
Appointment Letter: Non-regular Term Faculty Less Than 35% 
Job Aid: UMD Background Check Request Cover Letter Instructions
Human Resources Information Form (HRIF) (PDF) 
New Employee - Manager's Checklist (WORD) 
New Hires Required Documentation (PDF) 
UMD Faculty Qualification Verification Form (WORD)UMD Faculty Qualification Policy
Position Description Approval Routing Form (WORD) 
Position Description Template (WORD) 
Position Management Form (PDF) 
Temp Casual Requisition Form (GOOGLE FORM) 
Bulldog Staffing Resources - Temp Request Form (GOOGLE FORM) 


Current Employee Forms
Bodily Injury/Property Damage Report (PDF)BODILY INJURY (Not for University Employee Work Related Injuries)
PROPERTY DAMAGE (Non-University Property)
First Report of Injury Form (ONLINE)Workers' Compensation injuries: supervisors please complete the First Report of Injury Form within 8 business hours.
Mail MergeMail Merge PAF Instructions
Excel_Mail Merge PAF
Word_UMD Academic PAF
Performance Appraisal (HTML) 
Person of Interest Form Affiliate and ESP (PDF)
Person of Interest Form Other Payee (UNS) (PDF)
Person of Interest Form Instructions
Assigning Affiliate Relationships in HRMS
UMD Academic Employees Working Intermittently
Personnel Action Form - Academic (PDF)Personnel Action Form (Academic) Instructions
Personnel Action Form - Academic (Non-exempt) (PDF)FLSA Teaching Exemptions
Personnel Action Form - Academic Temp Casual (Shell) (PDF)Personnel Action Form (Academic Temp Casual) Instructions
Personnel Action Form - CSLR (PDF)Personnel Action Form (CSLR) Instructions
Personnel Action Form - Temp/Casual & Student (PDF)Personnel Action Form (Temp/Casual & Student)  Instructions
Student Mass Action Spreadsheet (Excel)  
Regents Scholarship Form (PDF) 
Work Status Report (PDF) 


Termination Forms
Exit Interview (ONLINE)
Termination Checklist for Employees (PDF)
Termination Key Return for Academic Employees (PDF)


Student Employment Forms
Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ by Student Employees (PDF)

FAQ by Supervisors of Student Employees (PDF)

Student Employment Forms

Confidentiality Agreement for Student Employee (PDF)

Personnel Action Form - Temp/Casual & Student (PDF)

Student Employee Performance Evaluation (PDF)

Student Mass Action Spreadsheet (Excel) 

Student Mass Action Additional Pay (Excel)

Student Mass Action Additional Pay (PDF)

Overview of Eligibility for Student Employment (PDF)

Student Schedule Template (WORD)


Student Reference Request Consent Sample Form (PDF)

Sample Faculty Reference Letter (WORD)

Suggested Guidelines for Providing References for Students (WORD)

Termination Checklist for Student Employees (PDF)
Work Study

Work-Study Referral Form 2022-2023

Work-Study Referral Form Summer 2023

Work-Study Referral Form 2023-2024


Other Forms
Creating a PS ID for J1 Visiting Scholars / J2 Dependents (PDF)
Enterprise Access Requests (HTML)
I-9 Express (HTML)
I-9 Employment Authorization Requirements (HTML)
Payroll Update Request/Off Cycle Request (PDF)
Stop Payment Direct Deposit Return Request Form (PDF)
Salary Payment Schedule for Enrolling in 9 Over 12 (PDF)

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