Background Checks

UMD background check processes support the Board of Regents policies: Employee Recruitment and Retention and Safety of Minors

It furthers important University efforts to provide a safe and secure environment for all University students, employees, and visitors to protect its funds, property, and other assets. Therefore, the University provides this formal process of background checks and verification (1) to minimize institutional risk; (2 ) to comply with federal and state regulations that require it for specified positions; and (3) to help responsible hiring authorities make sound hires.

For student, Civil Service, labor represented, faculty, and Professional & Academic positions: complete the UMD Background Check Request Cover Sheet. For additional information with completing the background check, click here. For more student information, go to UMD Student Background Checks.

For student clinical and field placements: complete the UMD Background Check Request Cover Sheet for Field Placements. The verification is designed to meet State school district guidelines governing adults with responsibility for children. UMD students who are assigned to a clinical and/or field placement must have a background check completed and on file with UMD HR. For more information on field placements, see UMD Student Clinical and Field Placements. For more information for field placements in CEHSP, see CEHSP Background Check Info

For background checks that need to be conducted under the Safety of Minors Policy, complete the UMD Background Check Request Cover Sheet for Safety of Minors.

When UMD HR receives the completed cover sheet from the hiring unit, UMD HR will initiate the background check with HireRight. HireRight will then notify the applicant with website and login instructions (the elink) for the applicant to complete the necessary forms online.

Be sure the applicant knows they will receive an email from HireRight ([email protected]), not UMD. Applicants are asked to create a user ID in order to enter the HireRight system. The user ID the applicant should use is the e-mail address used to receive the email (which is the email address provided on the cover sheet). The applicant has five (5) days to complete the elink or it will be withdrawn.

Senior and Other High Level Leaders: 

  • Job Codes: 9301 thru 9330 and CFO
  • At UMD, also Job Codes: 9331–9336; 9345–9346, 9383
  • Background Check Request Cover Sheet for Senior and Other High Level Leaders (PDF)

HireRight Background Check Prices:

The final cost of a background check varies and prices are subject to change without notice.  Additional charges for more than one name, address, and various state court fees will increase the final cost.  As well, if the applicant selects to receive a copy of their report from HireRight, the cost is an additional $2.50

Standard: $24.25
Standard + MVR: $25.95 + MVR State Fee
Student Worker: $16.25
Student Worker + MVR: $19.75 + MVR State Fee
Standard + Education + Employment: $46.30 + education and employee fees
Global Watch: Varies

General Information:

For applicants living in Minnesota (or Oklahoma or California), if a copy of the background check is desired, you must check the “report copy” box in order for a report copy to be mailed to you.  If you have an address in any other state, you must contact HireRight in order to have a report copy mailed to you.  You will need to contact HireRight at (888) 990-4473 to request that a report copy be mailed to you.

Background checks are good for 12 months from date of completion. If a transfer is within the 12 month period, then a new check would not be required at the time of transfer.

If you are not sure whether a certain event or situation would require a background check, contact UMD HR.