Lactation Support at UMD

The University is committed to providing a welcoming environment for all our employees, including nursing mothers. As supervisors and human resources practitioners, we have obligations and opportunities to support employees who express milk during the work day. Contact Women's Resource and Action Center at 218-726-6292 or [email protected] for information and resources about lactation support and spaces. Lactation room is located in the Multicultural Center.

Working with employees, we can accommodate lactation needs for reasonable break time and appropriately private space to pump or express milk by following these guidelines

  • Remember that we have a responsibility as an employer to provide appropriate space so don’t abandon an employee to have to make space arrangement on her own. If she wants to handle arrangements on her won, that’s okay but check back to make sure the space is working well.
  • Be sensitive to individual employee’s preferences when making space arrangements.
  • Contact UMD the Department of Human Resources if you have any questions.
  • It is helpful to discuss possible lactation needs before returning from parental leave so there is ample time to plan. Involve UMD the Department of Human Resources when needed or talk with supervisors.
  • Further Information
Infographic listing definitions of break time, and spaces.