UMD Student Clinical and Field Placements

UMD Student Clinical and Field Placements

Background checks are required for UMD student clinical and field placement students, including practicum and student teaching.  This verification is designed to meet state school district guidelines governing adults with responsibility for children.  UMD students who are assigned to a clinical or field placement must have a background check completed and on file with UMD HR.

The department, unit, or college will complete the UMD Background Check Request Cover Sheet for Field Placement (Safety of Minors Policy) electronically.  The email address provided on the cover sheet should be the student’s UMD email address. Send the form along with any attachments to [email protected] for UMD HR to process through HireRight.

Be sure the individual knows they will receive an email from HireRight at [email protected] (not UMD).  Individuals are asked to create a user ID in order to enter the HireRight system.  When asked for a user ID, the individual should use the same email address they used to receive the email (the email address provided on the cover sheet, which should be their UMD email address).  The individual has 7 days to complete the elink or it will expire.  For more information on field placements in CEHSP, see CEHSP Background Check Information.

For applicants living in Minnesota (or Oklahoma or California), if a copy of the background check is desired, you must check the “report copy” box in order for a report copy to be mailed to you.  If you have an address in any other state, you must contact HireRight in order to have a report copy mailed to you.  You will need to contact HireRight at (888) 990-4473 and provide the work order number associated with your background check (or your social security number) to request that a report copy be mailed to you.

For these placements, the most frequent restriction is a driving restriction.  This is usually in regards to no driving on university-related business.  The driving restriction is prompted by drug and/or alcohol and/or traffic violations (such as speeding, inattentive driving, DWI / DUI, etc.) and/or other events that are within 2 years of the date of the report.  Some violations or patterns of violations may require a special arrangement between the student and the department.  All students may drive to and from their internship site(s). However, if a student has a driving restriction, he/she may not drive (their own car, the university's car, or anyone else's car) as part of their duties for the internship.

Background checks for student clinical and field placements are valid for three (3) years since they are requested and completed under the Safety of Minors account or sometimes the International account.

Contact your department:

  • if you have questions about the background check fee on your billing statement,
  • if your site requests a copy of your Background Check report, and
  • to determine if you need a background check.