Employee/Student Discount

Businesses (such as hotels, restaurants, department stores, gift shops, grocery stores, auto shops, cell phone companies, fitness centers, insurance companies, hardware stores)  in the Duluth and surrounding communities often offer discounts to University of Minnesota Duluth employees and/or students. Some businesses may require proof of employment, either with a pay stub and/or a UCard. Please contact the vendor directly, if you have a question about employee and or student discount.


TRAVEL SERVICES - Travel Reservations/Discounts (air, bus rental, car rental, lodging, travel agency, off-airport parking)

University-Wide Agreements

University of Minnesota UPerks Discount Program 

UPerks offers University employees a variety of savings opportunities. Proof of University employment is required, either with a UCard or a pay stub. All discounts offered through UPerks, whether they are listed at UPerks or with MERSC, are given without any endorsement or guarantee from the University of Minnesota. The University is not liable for businesses not honoring discounts.

University of Minnesota is a member of the Minnesota Employee Recreational Services Council. MERSC offers discounts to numerous Twin Cities businesses. For more information, call 612-624-4636.

(auto sales & service, retail, education/child care, entertainment, event services, health & wellness, home services, professional services, professional/collegiate sports, recreation, restaurants/dining, theaters/music/museums, travels/hotels/resorts)

The Student Union at the U of M also offers discounted tickets to various attractions within the area. Visit their website here to see all the discounts that are offered.