Bulldog Staffing Resources

bulldog staffing resources

Bulldog Staffing Resources (BSR)

Bulldog Staffing Resources (BSR) is the University of Minnesota Duluth's own internal temporary staffing agency.  BSR provides the University with qualified, dependable temporary staffing.

We aim to maintain a pool of skilled employees to meet the temporary staffing needs across all department on a short notice.

Interested in Becoming a BSR Employee?

Working through the BSR program in a temporary capacity can provide many opportunities to gain experience on campus.  We have a variety of assignments to meet many needs, whether you are looking for the flexibility of temporary assignments or are looking to gain permanent employment.

Job assignments may vary and will be given to available employees based on the skills and qualifications listed on application forms.  Working hours are typically 8:00 am - 4:30 pm with a 30 minute lunch period and a 15 minute rest period for every 4 hours worked.  BSR employees can maintain a casual schedule, up to 14 hours a week in a calendar year or a temporary schedule (14+ hours a week) up to 67 days in a calendar year.

If you are interested in temporary employment through the BSR program with the University of Minnesota Duluth, please review our current openings on our career site.

Need Temporary Assistance in Your Department?

As we aim to maintain a pool of skilled candidates for our temporary campus needs BSR will also manage all aspects of the administrative services.  We will recruit, screen, interview, complete reference and background checks, complete payroll processing, manage performance concerns, and if necessary the separation process.  If you are interested in obtaining a temporary employee through the BSR program please complete the request form.

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