Paperless HR

Please email your HR documents to:

[email protected]

Subject line should include: [last name, first name] [EmplID] [purpose] [effective date]. For example, Doe John 1234567 Term 03/01/2018

Note: please do NOT include any special characters such as #, $,@ in the file names of your email attachments. 

Email communication 

03/162018 Please do NOT include special characters in the file name of your email attachment

03/27/2018 Tips for detecting emails without attachments


The UMD HR&EO Department has been working on a Paperless HR Initiative. 
This is a two-phase project to bring all employee files to Perceptive Content, a document management system supported by Office of Information Technology. 
Phase 1.Upload all current employee files into the system. Currently, we are at 72% completion and are making steady progress to meet our goals.
Phase 2. Receive new documents and files electronically and store into the system. This is done by email, simply use the [email protected] email address and send us your documents as an attachment. Currently, there are two units LSBE and parts of EVCAA that are participating in a pilot program.

Training/Demo sessions 

--2/20/2018 DL meeting

--2/27/2018 Form Preparer meeting

Powerpoint Presentation/Slide

How to sign PDF document electronically using Adobe Acrobat Pro. 

Video: sign PDF document electronically with Adobe Reader 

How to use pre-write email messages with Canned Responses

Paperless HR Flyer

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