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Newly Eligible Employee Benefits Workshop

UMD offers a Benefits Workshop for newly benefit eligible employees interested in learning about their medical, dental, life, disability, and pre-tax benefit choices and who would like assistance before completing their enrollment online. The Workshop offers detailed benefits information, and new employees should plan to attend the earliest session following their start date at the University.  This training is very beneficial and informative for newly benefit-eligible employees, however, it is not required for employees to attend. 

This orientation takes place on the UMD campus but is facilitated by the Office of Human Resources Twin Cities campus. If you are interested in attending a benefits workshop, please sign up via this link Benefit Workshop Sign-up

If you are not able to attend a scheduled workshop, you can view the Workshop slides (PDF) for the Health Benefits Workshop presentation. 

Steps to Enroll for Benefits

  • Determine eligibility for dependents. You may have the benefits enrollment guide from your Human Resources representative. If not, or you can review the Guide for UPlan Benefits Enrollment online to figure out if your dependents are eligible for benefits.
  • Put together your choices. Using the Guide for UPlan Benefits Enrollment as your resource, review the options, make comparisons, and check rates. Go to Retirement Savings to learn about your retirement benefits.
  • Enroll online at MyU in your first 30 days. You must complete your enrollment online within the first 30 days of employment. If you change your mind about your medical plan option during this time, you can choose a different medical plan that will be retroactive to your coverage effective date.
  • Determine the date your benefits become effective. Your benefits go into effect the first day of the month following your employment start date. (Example: You are hired on March 15; your benefits become effective on April 1.)


For information regarding your benefits during summer break, please see the attached document. 

If you have questions regarding the benefits workshop, please contact UMDHR at 218-726-7161.  If you have general benefit questions, please contact the Benefits group at the Office of Human Resources at 612-624-8647.